The ski rent in Bansko is not expensive when you pre-book online

When it comes to the favorite winter sport – skiing, nobody likes to be left behind on the slopes.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to make sure your skiing or snowboarding is up to scratch this winter – from watching technique tutorials and following fitness regimes to practicing at your local slope – to make this the season you become a maestro on the mountain.

There is a place in Eastern Europe, located in Bulgaria, called Bansko. It is Bulgaria’s most modern ski resort and is a very good-value destination for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders on tighter budgets, and/or for those seeking something a bit more exotic than the traditional Alpine ski resort experience.

ski rent in Bansko

Whether you want to learn how to improve your skills or just to have fun it is the best destination for you. There, you can take advantage of the ski school lessons, but here are two necessary things before and after skiing:

Practice a pre-ski warm up warming up properly before you hit the slopes can help prevent injury and improve performance, whatever your level.

Practice a post-ski cool down: just as you should always stretch out after going for a run or doing a gym session, you should do a proper cool down after a day’s skiing.

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